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The club is managed by Mrs. T. Karasin & Mr. R. Karasin.

Plus our wonderful coaches.

Mrs.T.KARASIN(Professional swimming coach,  level 3 T.)

 Arie in (Hebr)- lion. Sea lions are lithe animals with long flippers, and they are able to rotate their hind flippers forward to use all four limbs in moving about on land. The pups, born after a gestation period of 12 months, are brown. Sea lions are hunted, though not on a large scale, for their meat, hide and blubber.]

Club was formed in March 1999. Our aim is to encourage each individual to achieve full potential according to personal ambition and depending upon natural talent, ability and level of commitment.

Our Motto:


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Why Swim?     wizard.gif (10064 bytes)

Reasons for teaching swimming:


Swimming is the ideal family sport because it is fun for everyone. Besides, it is good for you! It develops your strength and improves your safety. And do you know that swimming also builds a better bustling and more beautiful legs; reduces your blood pressure as well as your stomach and miraculously, helps prevent varicose veins?

Children who swim improve their coordination and sometimes their IQs. Their language skills benefit, and their bodies develop overall as they change from marshmallows to tough little people.

Participation is not limited by age, size, sex, or shape. Each of us can be successful in the water and can subsequently enter a world of activity that almost defies the imagination.

You dream of becoming an Olympic swimmer or National Champion in the breaststroke for seventy to eighty year olds. Or, maybe you would settle for skinny- dipping at midnight in your own pool!


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We teach swimming skills in 4 strokes (front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly) from beginner to advanced levels. We have No Specific diving, water polo or synchronic. swimming sections, but teaching and training includes the basics of these disciplines as both essential training methods and to provide an opportunity for personal choice at a later stage.

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pencil1.gif (5678 bytes)General Roles & Rules pencil1.gif (5678 bytes)

The following instructions and suggestions are intended to eliminate a number of discrepancies and misunderstandings which may occur, and generally to facilitate the teaching of swimming.


As coaches we want to help swimmers become the best they can be. First improve the stroke and racing techniques. Second build endurance, strength. Third help swimmers take more responsibility for their improvements developing proper attitudes and work habits. Stroke corrections and intervals. Becoming a better listener during workouts.

Set goals, then work to achieve them. Work hard. Be prompt and attend workouts regularly. Never interfere with another swimmer's efforts. Let your coach know if you cannot attend a workout. Know your best times of workouts. Keep accurate records of your times. Take pride in yourself and your team. Be a total swimmer. Your nutrition's and rests are always important.

Supporting your child in swimming, supplying transportation and meets on time.


SAFETY RULESpirate5.gif (11141 bytes)

To avoid danger to pupils and other poll users and to avoid wasting time, the following should be noted.


In order to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and to safeguard the health of pupils, you are asked to observe the following rules.

Each child should bring a towel, swimming costume, comb, handkerchief, warm clothes and waterproof container to carry wet apparel. Pupils with long hair should bring a bathing cap.

Each child should ensure that body, hair, nails and so on are clean. Hair cream and make-up should not be worn.

Each child should use the toilet and showers before leaving the changing rooms prior to going on to the pool-side.

Handkerchiefs should be used before leaving the changing rooms to go onto the pool-side.

No child should be allowed to enter the pool with a severe cold, cuts, septic spots, ear complaints, a bandaged wound, of if advised by a doctor not to do so.

Costumes or trunks should not be worn to come to the pool, and children should change on arrival. Clothing other than proper swimming costumes or trunks will not be permitted unless specifically requested.

Outdoor shoes must not be worn on pool-side by anyone.

No food or drink must be brought into the premises.

Jewelry must not be worn in the water or on the pool-side.

Children should be well dried before leaving the changing rooms after a swimming lesson. A small piece of towel to stand on before drying the feet is helpful. Special attention should be given to drying hair, ears and between toes.

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Swimming Programs

Swimming with Arie Swimming Club offers a wide range of opportunity.

There are four main section administered separately, but all linked under the club banner.

They are:

Ball355.gif (3556 bytes)P2.gif (8250 bytes)Penguins -Beginners

Beginners who can feel comfortable in the water (swim 25 m any stroke). Practice -2 days a week -1.5 hr,

or 3 days-1 hr.

Ball355.gif (3556 bytes)b13x.gif (1103 bytes)Beavers-Intermediate

Swimmers who been with the club at least 1 year , or can swim 3 strokes. Practice-3 days a week-1.5 hr,

or 5 days-1hr.

Ball355.gif (3556 bytes)Seals Competitive development

Swimmers who can swim four strokes, knows turns and starts. Practice-4 days a week-1.5 hr.

Ball355.gif (3556 bytes)Lions-Advance Competitive development

Competitive swimmers. Practice-5-6 days week-1.5hr

pengmovie.gif (7781 bytes)

We believe that the younger child the broader should be the base of activities and experiences both within and outside the sport. Our classes provide a full range of swimming skills which offers progress through a series of badge incentives.

As a general we take children who is comfortable in the deep water. We believe however that at the very early stages playing and growing accustomed to being in water should take place in the family situation enjoying and experimenting. There is no proof that children who learn at a very early age are any better by the age of ten or eleven than those who learn later, often the opposite is the case. Early narrow and specific training tends to reduce the ability to reach full potential and this can be resented in later life.

We provided a bridge between teaching classes and advanced swimming. As they progress we can provide further opportunity for those who show interest and application. The swimming in Seal group  is building skills and is a fine preparation for competitive swimming.

Lions group  provide a further step into world of competitive swimming with inter-club and open competitions.

There is something for every swimmer depending upon age, ability and level of commitment and aspiration. We aim for the highest standards. Naturally we encourage swimmers to train as often as they can.

Adults swimming (teaching classes and master swimming) are available.

Surprize.gif (7537 bytes)Fees


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mouseDance.gif (8467 bytes)Comments and Suggestions

Any person, business or organization can be a sponsor.

The club always enjoyed the best possible relationship. This money is used to defray the costs associated with the swimming activities.

Most essential to all Club activities are the volunteer helpers.


If you have any expertise, which you can offer to the club, we are always eager to accept and we promise NOT to exploit your commitment.


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Contact Information

Electronic mail address

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Phone :



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